Life is like a drama and ornate turn always ends in the eyes

31. ledna 2012 v 4:19
Today, a light drizzle, the miserable conditions, is the frigid silence in all things, wail, or scattered or physically die young lives in baptism of rain becoming more helpless loneliness, as if walking in the soul of the world, from free to discharge the heavy burden, not transcendental Yu Qiansheng past, walked in and stay between route, but no way back. Past life of struggle, change is not that outstanding Chenyuan, the GeSHi Johnnie, such as a round of fireworks dream, will eventually draw a full stop in the displaced persons.

Life is like a drama, and ornate turn always ends in the eyes. Like this winter flowers, once-prosperous how graceful, how glory, the graceful posture, intoxicating aromas, awesome views of greenery all people wandering in it. Unique among the flowers, flower souls accessory, butterfly dance a Merry light dancer, bleak and Dim without Daiyu funeral flowers, were among the flowers with a jug of wine to those sound. Forget the bustling, mind and fell into a flower charm, with petals as poetry, Blade for string, elastic curved South a minor, in the drizzle in colorful, or song or chant.

Today, Qin breaking Misty Rain, people take a curtain call, shuaicao sky no gu, bridges lost love willows. Same scenario, not the same gloomy, quarter downtown, few and far between for a quarter, like the change of life.Perhaps, when everything goes calm, deep buried deep in the Red dust of a trace of silk is full Gold WOW, can become a life in the beautiful landscape, stop-motion in the sky of mind, like a piece of copy leaves in the murals of eternal, even bleak, is full of spiritual grace.

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