In the South all the stories are wet by rain

15. ledna 2012 v 1:59
I now, deep in the narrow and long alley, looking for traces of those stories, those who are old as the time went, only rain xiaoxiao, still to come, as if still in love Buy Cheap WOW Gold eu with in former days [times]-backed dancer knot under the oil-paper umbrella with a tinge of sadness.

In the South, all the stories are wet by rain, with the lost charm of Tang and Song dynasties, fell on the slippery cobblestone, long, had a taste of GeSHi drifting. At this moment, flourishing and splendid convergence, heaven and Earth are silent, empty, Liqiang pour like a water-in the heart. Miss with some care, some sigh and sadly moving, drizzle in the evening, a dream wavering, melancholy.

This alley in Jiangnan people of eye in, is Qing us of, after alley of Walker, must is soft of, mind must is close of, due to has this copies aesthetic, Jiangnan and no lost, she hidden in paper silk of lines quiet of thought with, a of vicissitudes, in green brick bi Watts Shang wrapped around winding around, innumerable twists and turns, provoked of a star heart infants, how also around does not out this water.

Thinking about this and that, in a trance, as if there really is a lady, bearing dainty umbrella, made of oiled paper and bamboo frame with a handle, came in the deep winding narrow lanes, her footsteps with deliberate steps will rain, shine, she cast a scent of Acacia mangium, quiet, beautiful and warm, feminine beauty of the South, in that review thousands of presents.

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