Your blue eyes thrill me and you soft kisses make me tremble

12. prosince 2011 v 3:30
Since met you, my quiet life since the ripples. Knowing they will face the danger, knowing that the fragile, just could not restrain their emotions, hoping to keep with you every WOW Gold day and secretly knitted a beautiful "future".When clear to face the reality, but it is so helpless. I tried to escape, only to find themselves helpless sth Live thoughts and mind, cannot conceal the joy and helpless. Several times I cannot control my emotions, want to have your call just to hear your voice, a voice greetings for your sth So desperately looking forward to your arrival, you have made me so sad and disappointed. Loving you is not a sin. I want to throw rejection live free, but I can't do it, really can't do it. Don't want you any promises, not daring to have any hope for you. When I miss you and think your pair of blue eyes, poetic face, makes me smile.

Your blue eyes thrill me, you soft kisses make me tremble, iambic pentameter don't you voice makes me happy, you and changeable personality makes me sth If only a perfect man in the world, then one is you. I know all of it will be a silent ending, "out of this life, I hope the afterlife", do you really have a next life? "Friends find, a faithful friend is hard to find" I am deeply concerned with our emotions. Knowing you is a beautiful mistake, I'd rather leave, a mistake again sth "whenever forever, only care about ever had".

No matter how the Earth's rotation, no matter how the Sun and moon cycle, you are my only love. I will bless you forever. I believe that, in the final moments of my life, I think that a person must have been you.

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