Open and above board as pure clear Jasper

12. prosince 2011 v 3:33
Japanese sinking of cigarettes, State natural without qianhua Royal. Misty flat forest, alone at dusk, Heng Fa Chuen LAU Butterfly cakes, hoot if XI Qing do those fancy desserts and beverages, Kang Xilong Yan Dayue, brother of praise, like a saw that enjoyable picture, mental state to fly away. So many friends, for love alone "-independent romantic, just to really" an open heart and pure, clean and sincere without capacity for the Hyatt, but that you as a confidant to die.

Open and above board as pure clear Jasper spotless mind who drink is willing to take one drunk for the first time, again drinking Frank treatment. Then rejecting harsh distracting thoughts, alert but, like rain concolor salisb Zeya Li, Chen Xiang in still water, without elegance, not exposed to fine dust. Admire ... greatly when spiritual, Still waters run deep XI Chi a laudatory title for woman. Piano Misty clouds from the side of the mountain, immediate rendering is Dongting Misty Rain, jianghan Shu Qing, the sky clouds, water day corner, turning wave volume Kumotobi, scudding clouds and blue water day, Han Jiang Yueleng, Wanli Orange wave and shadow culvert Vientiane. Months to Tianxin, when the wind to the surface, already meet, nothing beat. The number of faces can be so no remaining, how much love can be so free? Castle Peak is not old, white head, this feeling can be, a small but steady stream.

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