Not only have your amiable worthy parents

20. prosince 2011 v 2:24
Bitter cold wind tore the brutal scrape the Earth, away and fallen wood of autumn gay blow pale has only little green this season! Stamp stamp, tight hold in custody the collar Cheap RS Gold, hurry to go back to bedroom that sparse pedestrian on the road. Always thought that he could not miss home before, when the cold hit, and feet feel cold on the invasion of the heart, and they knew that they were wrong.

Maybe taste of home's warm! Any time, any situation, gives intimate warm!

Home! What a warm words! Not only have your amiable, worthy parents and brothers and sisters. And father a solid heavy ride, always support your background; the nagging mother worth hearing a hundred times, the most refreshing homemade meals; brothers and sisters of the most innocent smile, somewhat childish joke about sthAll of it, sometimes don't seem to stand out. When you are able to recognize her when you taste, feel: Home!Always warm your heart. Whether students far from home, or wandering stranger wanderer living abroad!

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