I eager to love eternal does not variabl

28. prosince 2011 v 2:40
Cold of Sun-scraping pain has I of face, ice ice of mist cream knot has I a host is not-in of eye, weak of North wind scraping up floating of snow Sha like fog like smoke is touzhe biting of cold, occasionally hawks and Falcons disease fly in snow of over map with Chaoyang painting out a beautiful of arc Buy Runescape Gold, splash in saw crafty rabbit, holding perfect has a survival of road, you in this cold of winter said let go, who in lost call sign sob, grief drops effort coagulation has how many Acacia how many gloomy, had of love will in this in an instant between vanished, pain is bitter, read also bitter, Let go of you and me in the cold winter in full Yes wondering, your beauty is still, and I compose the vicissitudes of life face is ditch and gully Valley, you zenzhi that each ravine is how many difficult memories of love and life, did you know, you said let go of the moment, I can't bear to go.

I eager to love eternal does not variable, also hoping you I of love will to forever, but Dang vows are became has lies, all of memories are is not romantic, why most clear of always you beautiful of face, although I of love still does not variable, but you of love is is not side, inexplicable of pain is filled with has I of heart, past of happiness is with wind had one, sad of pain is and tangled lingering, I said had has this copies emotion I does not in regrets, and cold of winter sough has I of face, drops blood of heart with I out left home has is far is far, Afraid to look back, to crush the shengshengsisi oath. Hold up a praised snow white wipe my face full of tears, cold, the snow broke my dreams of the soul edge, you said in this winter to let go, my love still. I will forget about everything and never dwell eccentric sadness pains such as smoke drifted away. Cold winter numb my mind, your letting go broken down we had vowed, near-freezing I aimlessly move forward, blood condensing my life remains at sea.

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