I'd like to leave walk through the forest

3. prosince 2011 v 3:30
Finished crying no more tears for you. Now grown up, won't cry, but left to look for missing "dream". On the road, storms, first met, in fate mingming is doomed, also is God's arrangement or the WOW Gold. Share emotions, taste the sweets and bitters. Leave your last resort, so will not be able to control you. Together, and leaving, a broken heart is not light. ­

I just hated me don't learn to cherish, wait to really lose to regret it, but it was too late. With you I always miss the good moments, I'm trying to remain forever in the memory of it, but I fear it will become mere memory, could you please leave it? ­

I'd like to leave, walk through the forest, across the desert, across oceans, across the field, get to a country with no time - has no memory. I cannot be arrive in Twilight the water fall madly in a whole Suns alone, unable to extricate themselves.

Paradise is in heaven, please? Why is the sky so beautiful! ­

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