Also looking forward to also wander helpless

3. prosince 2011 v 3:34
Last night, had a dream: I embarked on a strange journey, not destination, all the bumps, heart is being hollowed out-like, not sad not happy. I walked past a grim look landscapes, lost in the endless Vertigo.

When he woke up, the corner is also hung up a tear, not about sorrow and joy.

Fushengruomeng. In a dream, we love, pain, hated waking moment, however, is nothing more than a smile, or even a tear. There's nothing more than the pain, it will put down!

A sit-in in front of the computer at the moment, had singles with the original you also here, mind works this time.My mood is calm, and began to understand: is your goal really is its own, not your own, hard not to.

Also looking forward to also wander helpless, also disappointed, and when I look back, those past feelings are precipitated into the beautiful memories, such as dream-like magic and dare not touch.

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