Treated in the past I'm just memories!

28. listopadu 2011 v 1:45
We are always working hard and looking forward to, and then down!

Memories is the only way!

If we have broken wings Angel, then I want to be an Angel without wings!

Sad thing was lost, we are unable to save!

I escape than me nothing!

If I may, I'd like a bird, flying in the sky alone, even if one day will disappear, die!

Transient sky, as long as there are no regrets, we are ready to fly!

In between you and me, not if, smiles turned around and said: Goodbye!

Then I sky with your beautiful, is not there I'll give you a smile!

Treated in the past, I'm just memories!

Associated with new life and the memories!

Sometimes I feel sad to miss, is a live release!

Only memories, to strong future on foot!

Empty brains, eyes are blurred!

I, with your strength, strong walking with life!

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