my thoughts like that one by one in the sky shining

15. listopadu 2011 v 9:28
Once Miss wrote in the late autumn, swaying trees, let time know that I love is how tragic vicissitudes, sadness had given my friend leaves, let read my thoughts about how heavy the Earth, however ruthless years total I think carved into a lot of touches, Haggard face was always filled with sorrow. Time such as a cutting edge, total I miss cut into strands habijabi, writing does not take place, not a chapter.

How many snowy night, my thoughts like that one by one in the sky shining Xing Han, quietly sneak peek of the bright moon, blooms in silence in the wandering in the night sky, quiet fell on the a branch of rose leaves, red currants, pine whisper with the old and strong, and lush tropical vegetation of bamboo and sleeping. Who can know that near-miss in an ancient measure of length, equal to 8cun but only as far as the end, somewhat bleak and frustration, who can read this line with tears, how many dreams haunt wantonly.

I tried to force the Miss depression in depths of dreams, when you want to dream after years the murmuring flowing water, can leave traces of my care. I am worried that when the water dries up, dream is cold, missing will become desolate Ocean, hope you can my thoughts put on a magnificent nichang, so I love to feel a part of the residual light and warmth.

Late autumn took into water, with the rush of years past, into memory. Winter came, my thought ripples in the cold air, I know it as a unit of micro-Pan sad wind, gently tap on my face, shallow left in my heart, feeling pain non-pain, like non-cool cool.

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